Why Have Your Loved Ones’ Ashes Made into Glass

Why Have Your Loved Ones’ Ashes Made into Glass

Kenny Scott | May 20, 2016 | Ashes made into glass

Nowadays, there are so many options when it comes to the cremated remains of your loved ones, and it can be a difficult choice to have to make.

Many people come to me and ask me why I do what I do – after all, the process of getting your loved ones’ ashes fired into glass can often get a bit of a marmite reaction; you either love the idea or loathe it.

Initially, I was approached by a friend who is a funeral director, who asked me if I’d be willing to give the process of firing ashes within glass a try. The results turned out to be spectacular, and I found it was also nice to know that I was helping somebody.

Below are some of the reasons why you might want to get your loved ones’ ashes made into glass:

A beautiful tribute

The process of firing ashes within glass can yield wonderful results that leave you with a stunning piece of jewellery or artwork. As a glassmaker, I’ve had over 20 years of experience with glass, and as a result I know various interesting techniques.

A visually vibrant sculpture or canvas can be a wonderful tribute to your loved one, and reflect their personality, whereas a special piece of jewellery can be worn as a way of saying they are always in your heart.

A special keepsake

There’s something incredibly comforting about having a part of your loved one with you at all times. A beautiful pendent, ring or cufflinks can be a very personal keepsake that you can always wear and treasure.

Treasured gifts

Having ashes made into glass can also make wonderful gifts for family members or close friends of the deceased. Many of my customers opt to get two or three pieces made at a time, so that they can be given as gifts – a special something to remember their loved one by.

The personal touch

Most companies take the greatest care when handling your loved ones’ ashes, and many ash glass pieces are very carefully handmade.

I always ensure that all my pieces are lovingly handmade with 100% dedication and care, but that’s not all.

I also take the time to personally communicate with my clients so that they always know exactly what is happening at any stage in the process (which takes around two weeks).


Having ashes fired into glass not only looks incredible, it’s also one of the more affordable options that will leave you with a lasting memento of your loved one.

The scale does vary depending on the company, but I’m of the mind that everyone should be able to afford something as wonderful as this.


If you’re looking for the perfect, lasting memento to remind you of your loved one, having their ashes made into glass can produce stunning results. You’re left with a beautiful, comforting tribute or personal keepsake that you can keep with you forever.

They can also make special gifts for family members or close friends, and the amount of careful dedication put into the process will mean that you’ll know they’re in safe hands.

Have you decided what to do with your love one’s ashes yet?

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