What can I have made with my loved ones ashes?

What can I have made with my loved ones ashes?

Kenny Scott | May 20, 2016 | Ashes made into glass


When a loved one passes away, it often feels so final. Physically, they’re no longer there for you to see, to speak to, or to give a good big hug to. Emotionally, you feel a part of you is missing. You suddenly realise how often they were in your heart and mind while doing everyday things. The excitement you get when you see or hear of something that would interest them, and then the realisation that you can’t tell them can take your heart to deep sinking depths. They say time is a healer, but everything and everyone heals differently. Does it heal at all? Or do you just learn to live with the pain of not having that person in your life anymore?

Often it feels like there’s no-one in the world that can help with the pain and empty feeling of losing a loved one, ironically apart from that person. There’s no two people in the world who deal with grief the same, and quite often it takes a number of comforts to ease the discomfort and get to the stage of being able to feel contentment knowing that your loved one would only ever want you to be happy.

At Ash Glass Design we can’t give the same support that family and friends can, but we can ensure that your loved one is with you along the way. Below are some examples of what we can do at Ash Glass Design with some of the ashes of your loved one:


1) Wear them around your neck

Perhaps you could see it as a constant hug, or a good way to keep them close to your heart. Or if you want to think of it in a more fun way, a lifelong piggyback. Having ashes infused in to a glass necklace is a great way to ensure they are always with you. They see everything you’re experiencing. It may become a good luck symbol in a lovely elegant necklace that you can wear for special occasions or as an everyday piece of jewellery. With a number of colours to choose from (green, blue, ruby, purple, teal, gold, black and yellow) on a sterling silver 925 chain and setting, the pendants are elegant and eye-catching.

2) Keep them watching over the home

At Ash Glass Design we are versatile in what you’d like created with your ashes. Our designer can create bright and bold sculptures that you could place on your windowsill and have the sun shine through every day. Perhaps you could see it as your loved one saying ‘good morning!’ These sculptures come in a poppy design, wild flowers, or circles of life and are mounted on a handcrafted oak base. Of course, every item is hand created so there will never be two designs the same.

3) Hang them on the wall

Another option, and often good for a smaller home, is a memorial canvas. A beautiful glass square mounted on to a chunky deep edge canvas is a modern but meaningful way of having the ashes of your loved one within your home. The heart design is a great way to signify that this is where part of your heart lives within the home. Perhaps you could touch it every time you pass, or say hello when you arrive home to make you feel they are still there. These come in a range of colours (blues, greens, reds and purples).

4) Keep them travelling along with you

Male or female, cufflinks can be a great way of keeping someone with you along the way. Whether for a special occasion, or just every day at work, they are a distinguished reminder that however bad the grief may be, the reminder is there throughout the day about how lucky you are to have had someone so significant in your life. Ash Glass Design has some new designs in the pipeline, so please get in touch if you have something in mind and we’ll see what we can do to help you out.

We’re currently looking at creating rings – the perfect way to signify your love or marriage. All of what we create is something you can take with you whether that’s moving country or moving home, which we think is incredibly important.