“The Most Special Pieces of Jewellery I Own”

“The Most Special Pieces of Jewellery I Own”

Kenny Scott | May 20, 2016 | Ashes made into glass

When Awdri Doyle heard of what Ash Glass Design could do with the cremated ashes of loved ones, her zealous passion for jewellery made for an easy decision on what to do with the ashes of her parents…and she knew she just had to do it.

With the ashes of her mum and dad mixed together, Awdri has had a necklace and cufflinks created and will be one of the first customers to have commissioned a new Ash Glass Design ring. As well as these, she also has Pandora style bracelet charms on order for her daughters who were looking for a way to keep their grandparents with them in a modern way as part of their charm bracelets.

Describing her Ash Glass Design jewellery as “the most special pieces of jewellery I own”, Awdri feels she has her parents with her everywhere she goes. Whether she’s attending special family and friends’ events, or heading off on holiday, she feels her parents aren’t missing out on normal every day occurrences, as well as the more special of occasions.

“I think my mum and dad would have liked the idea of ash glass too, my mum especially. I wanted to keep a part of them with me for ever and I certainly feel like I’m doing that” said Awdri.

And although she never had to think twice about whether or not she would like something created by Ash Glass Design, she understands that other people could be apprehensive about having jewellery created with ashes. If she could give anyone advice on whether or not to get jewellery created by Ash Glass Design she would say, “Do it! Only a small amount of ashes are required and people will only know what you are wearing if you tell them, otherwise they wouldn’t know. Everyone who has looked at my jewellery absolutely loves it – even more so when I have explained the contents to them.”

Awdri compares having jewellery created by Ash Glass Design as a more contemporary take on what has been done since Victorian times to remember loved ones. At a time of no photography, people would get memorial jewellery created to have a touchstone to remember them every day

“I find glass very smooth and calming. With the different colours available they also glisten in the sunshine and having something that you’re able to touch just makes it feel that extra bit special. My jewellery is with me every day and I find that as part of the grieving process it is lovely to have something that you can still touch, particularly in an age where everything is digital, stored elsewhere, and generally quite disposable.”

“When working with Ash Glass Design to decide what I wanted I was given good sound advice and treated with dignity and respect during the whole process. Nothing was too much trouble and I would not hesitate in recommending Ash Glass Design to anyone thinking about a memorial of this kind. There is a wide variety of options available, even commissioned sculptured depicting local landmarks, as well as more abstract designs and of course the beautiful jewellery!”