Pet Memorial Jewellery: Will You Send Back the Ashes You Don’t Use?

Pet Memorial Jewellery: Will You Send Back the Ashes You Don’t Use?

Kenny Scott | May 20, 2016 | Pet Cremation Jewellery

Are you thinking of purchasing memorial jewellery to remember that special pet in your life?

When most of my clients purchase pet memorial jewellery, they often have many questions first, and one of the biggest is what will happen to any ashes that aren’t used.

This is a very good question, and one that I think is important for most cremation jewellery companies to answer, which is why I’ve decided to make it absolutely clear what will – or should – happen to your pet’s ashes next.

So, without further ado, let’s address your concerns head-on.

What happens to unused ashes?

First of all, let me clarify; when you send your pet’s ashes in the post, most companies will ask for just one teaspoonful of ashes per product. This is usually more than enough, so in most cases (unless anything goes wrong) there should be some ashes left over.

The next part is very important, and I cannot stress this enough: always check with a company what will happen to any leftover ashes before you make an order. You’ll find most companies WILL send any unused ashes back to you, along with the finished product – but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Never send more than you need

I’d advise never to send more than a teaspoonful of your pet’s ashes – unless you’re having multiple pieces of jewellery or art made at once. This could be in the case of getting four or five pendants or rings made for friends or family members.

Don’t feel like you have to send more than the amount specified above; and if a company does ask for more, definitely question why they need it.

Speak to the company directly

I’d definitely recommend calling up and speaking to the company directly, as this usually goes a long way towards setting my clients’ minds at ease. It also gives you a chance to ask all the questions you need to feel 100% happy and confident before making your final decision.

When I speak to a customer, I like to explain the process involved and tell them everything that’s included in their order pack, so they know exactly what to expect when it arrives, and which shipping method is used. At this point, I will reassure them that any ashes will be sent back to them, and answer any other questions they might have.

If a company isn’t happy to do this with you, or doesn’t have the time to make you feel at ease, I’d say look elsewhere as otherwise you simply won’t get the peace of mind that’s so important when dealing with something so incredibly personal.


I hope this blog post has given you a better idea of what should happen to any unused ashes when you order pet memorial jewellery. Just be sure that you don’t send more than you need, and always check with your chosen company before sending ashes away.

I’d recommend speaking to someone on the phone so you can ask all the questions you need and come away from the process feeling 100% happy and confident that you’ve gotten the best service and quality product to remember your beloved pet.

Do you have any other questions about ordering pet cremation jewellery? If you can’t find an answer on my blog, simply leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer.