How Long Does it Take to Make Pet Memorial Jewellery?

How Long Does it Take to Make Pet Memorial Jewellery?

Kenny Scott | May 20, 2016 | Pet Cremation Jewellery

Are you thinking of purchasing memorial jewellery to remember a special pet?

They made such a difference in your life, it feels only right to honour their memory with a piece of jewellery or art you can treasure for years to come.

However, the only real trouble when ordering pet memorial jewellery is that it usually involves being parted with your pet’s ashes, often for a considerable period of time – which can be a concern for many of my customers.

The good news is that most companies only need a teaspoonful of ashes to create a range of stunning pieces, from dramatic pendants to art that sparkles in the light.

Below, I’m going to talk you through how long the process takes, and other considerations to bear in mind when choosing cremation jewellery to celebrate your pet’s memory.

How long will it take?

If you’re only beginning to do your research into pet cremation jewellery you may or may not know that the average length of time most companies specify can be around 6 – 8 weeks. This is the length of time quoted by many of the larger cremation glass companies, perhaps simply because they have so many orders to process.

Although this is the average time you can expect, some smaller companies may be able to process your order sooner – which I know is incredibly important if you’re feeling anxious about being parted with something so terribly important. For instance, at Ash Glass Design, I aim to process all orders within two weeks.

The process involved

Because the process involved in making cremation glass is very delicate, it can take time and experienced hands to get the desired result. The actual creation process will vary from company to company, and in most cases involves using hot, molten glass to encapsulate your pet’s ashes inside to form their own unique pattern.

The glass should then be cooled down over time in a controlled environment, to gradually reduce the stress – too quickly and it may shatter. The glass can then be shaped, polished and annealed, giving you a finished piece of jewellery or art that will sparkle beautifully in the light.

Do your homework

The best advice I can give you when it comes to sending your pet’s ashes away, is to choose a reputable company that is able to speak to you and answer any questions you may have. They should be able to tell you how long you’ll be parted from your pet’s ashes, and exactly what to expect.

I find communication is key, which is why I always try and update my customers and ensure they know what’s happening at every stage of the process – this alleviates any fears and concerns they may have and goes a long way to making them feel happy and confident that their pet’s ashes are in good hands.

For example, I’ve just finished a Pandora charm bead for a lady who had recently lost her dog. The charm bead was a gift from her daughter, as she doesn’t wear pendants. The pair had done lots of research before they found me locally, and were fully expecting to have to wait six weeks for the charm to be made – so, when I told them it’d only be two weeks, they were over the moon!


Hopefully this blog post has given you a better idea of how long it’ll take to have pet memorial jewellery made to remember your beloved pet – as well as a little more about the process involved. The only thing I’d say is to make sure you’re 100% confident with the company you choose, and always ask how long you’ll be parted from your pet’s ashes.

I find this goes a long way towards ensuring my customers are happy – after all, there’s nothing worse than being kept in the dark for weeks on end, worrying that something so important has been lost in the post!

Good luck! Any questions? I’ll do my best to answer in the comments.