How Do You Get Something Special Made From Your Pet’s Ashes?

How Do You Get Something Special Made From Your Pet’s Ashes?

Kenny Scott | May 20, 2016 | Pet Cremation Jewellery

Are you looking for a special way to remember a beloved pet and keep them near to you?

Many people turn to cremation glass at these times, and it’s easy to see why, with beautiful examples of jewellery or art that beautifully encapsulate your pet’s ashes, so they shine and catch the light when worn or displayed in a window.

In the past, I’ve spoken to many clients who wanted to get something special made from their pet’s ashes, but weren’t exactly sure how to go about it – which is why I thought I’d put together this blog post.

Below, I’m going to tell you the best place to find cremation glass items and jewellery, as well as some advice to bear in mind…

Where to start

The best place to begin when looking for cremation glass is online. Try searching for ‘memorial jewellery’ or ‘cremation jewellery’ – or, if you know the exact type of glass you’re looking for, you could be a little more specific (such as ‘memorial rings’ or ‘memorial glass sculpture’).

You may not know exactly what you’re looking for just yet, so doing a more general search and finding out what’s available can be a good way of looking at all your options. Another solution could be to speak to your local pet crematorium or your vet, who may have some handy local contacts for this type of service.

Do your research

Once you’ve decided on a product you like, I’d recommend thoroughly researching a company by checking their website and FAQ. However, don’t stop there – it’s definitely worth giving them a call and speaking to someone directly to set your mind at ease.

Just some of the questions you may want to ask include:

  • Will my pet’s ashes be secure?
  • How long will the process take?
  • Who will be making it – what is their experience level?
  • What materials will they use?
  • Will it be hallmarked? (if applicable)
  • Can I choose my own colours?
  • Which shipping method do you use?
  • Will I receive a certificate of authentication?

I find being able to talk to someone on the phone goes a lot way towards reassuring my clients that their pets’ ashes will be in good hands, and helps them feel confident enough to send the ashes knowing that they are going to be treated with the greatest of care.

The process involved

When speaking to a cremation glass company, you might also want to ask about the process involved in making their products, and exactly what will be expected of you once you place your order.

For instance, one lady called me up this week whose son had just lost his pet dog of five years to leukemia. She wanted to know how she went about sending the ash to me, so I took her address and details, and explained everything she needed would be in her order pack, including all the tools and information to complete her order.

She was able to take a spoonful of the dog’s ashes with the spoon provided, seal it up, and send it back in the enveloped I’d provided. And to ensure everything was safe and secure, I called her up as soon as I received the ashes two days later with an estimated time that her order would be ready (within two weeks).

Every company may have a process that differs slightly from the next, although my own involves working with coloured, molten glass which gets very hot and encapsulates the ashes perfectly, before it is cooled down to be shaped, polished and annealed – resulting in a beautiful yet unique end product.

Working out cost

Budget is another important factor when choosing cremation glass for your pet’s ashes, and I think it’s very important to note that just because a product is more expensive, doesn’t necessarily mean the quality will be any better. For example, memorial rings can cost on average between £220 and £495 – or perhaps even more.

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I find the best advice here is to find the ideal balance between price and quality – from a company that makes you feel confident and reassured. After all, there’s nothing worse than sending off for something so terribly important, and then being left to worry for weeks – which is why I update my clients at every stage of the process.


By now, you should have a good idea of where to look for an idea of the different types of products which can be made from your pet’s ashes. The best place to start is the internet – but you may also want to enquire with your local pet crematorium or vet.

I’d definitely recommend contacting a few different companies, and talking on the phone to ensure all your questions are answered – and only send ashes away when you’re 100% happy and confident they will be in safe hands.