Feel Close to Your Loved One Again with Cremation Jewellery

Feel Close to Your Loved One Again with Cremation Jewellery

Kenny Scott | May 20, 2016 | Uncategorized, Cremation Glass Jewellery, Ash into Beads, Ash to Glass, Pet Cremation Jewellery, Glass Sculptures, Art from Ashes, Cremation Pendants, Ashes into Cufflinks

If you’ve recently lost someone special, it can take an incredibly big toll on your everyday life while you try to adjust to the loss. The subject of what to do with their ashes can be a painful one, and it can take months or even years before you’re comfortable parting with them.

However, what if I told you there was a way you could still feel close to your loved one, using only a teaspoonful of their ashes?

Cremation jewellery can be a beautiful way of remembering a loved one – or a beloved pet – and I’ve seen first hand the value and comfort it has brought to many of my clients’ lives.

That’s why I thought I’d take the time to demonstrate some of the key benefits of cremation jewellery in this blog post.

1. A comfort wherever you go

Having something solid to hold onto, such as a stunning pendant or specially crafted cufflinks, can bring great comfort and help you get through the day. I remember one particular client who commissioned a beautiful glass ring that combined the ashes of both her parents.

A few months after receiving it, she told me that even when she’s at work and having a particularly bad day, sometimes she’ll sit and rub her thumb over the glass part of her ring. It’s such a small thing; no-one necessarily notices her doing it, but it brings her comfort nonetheless.

In fact, she said it was like they were actually there, holding her hand… obviously not in a literal sense, but I loved the idea and it’s stuck with me ever since as just a really lovely way of looking at things.

2. Something beautiful to look at when you’re sad

Grief is a strange beast, and it can take hold of you at the most random times. In those times, having something beautiful to look at and remind you of your loved one – and all the precious memories you shared together – can make all the difference.

Another of my clients who had lost her mother told me that she’d sit and look at her cremation glass pendant every evening, carefully admiring all the bubbles and patterns the ashes had formed in the glass, whilst thinking about all the times she and her mother had shared over the years.

3. Dramatic jewellery that stands the test of time

Good memorial jewellery is made to last, and doesn’t look out of place wherever you choose to wear it. In fact, the unique colours and patterns the glass forms as it heats can lead to particularly striking jewellery that you’ll be able to admire for years to come.

In fact, as long as the jewellery is made from high quality materials and hallmarked silver or gold, it should stand the test of time without wearing down or requiring any replacements.

4. A unique treasure that’s yours to keep

With something so personal as cremation jewellery, you’ll generally find that no two pieces are the same and most are bespoke. This is because each is made individually, and the way the ashes react to the heat means that they form their own unique pattern in the glass – you’ll never be able to recreate that pattern again.

That’s partly why I love the creation process that goes into cremation jewellery, and I make sure to take the utmost care in crafting each individual piece. I remember one of my clients referring to this as her ‘little treasure wrapped up in glass’ – and that’s exactly what it is.

5. Something to pass down the family

Like I said above, your special memorial jewellery should be made to last, and can be passed down from generation to generation. Your children or grandchildren will have a piece of family history they can treasure, and proudly wear if you ever decide to pass it down.


I hope you’ve found this blog helpful, and I hope I’ve given you some insight into why so many people are choosing cremation jewellery to remember their loved ones. Choosing cremation glass is such a personal thing, and there are so many options when it comes to celebrating your loved one’s memory.

Just remember to take your time choosing a cremation jewellery company that you’re 100% confident in, and make sure you’re comfortable sending ashes away in the post.

If you have any specific questions about choosing memorial jewellery for your loved one’s ashes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me – I’ll do my best to answer as helpfully as possible.