Cremation jewellery beads for your Pandora bracelet?

Cremation jewellery beads for your Pandora bracelet?

Kenny Scott | Jun 27, 2024 | Cremation Glass Jewellery, Ash into Beads, Pet Cremation Jewellery, Ashes made into glass

Are you seeking a special way to memorialise a loved one with cremation jewellery beads for your Pandora bracelet? Memorial jewellery offers a deeply personal connection to those we’ve lost. Some people prefer a beautiful pendant or a stunning ring, while others choose eye-catching cufflinks or versatile charm beads that can be worn around their wrists.

The comfort it brings to my clients is paramount. If you already cherish your Pandora bracelet, there’s no reason why you can’t add to its significance with a sparkling memorial charm bead. Yes, you can buy charm beads that are compatible with your stylish Pandora bracelet!

In fact, they are some of the most popular and stunning pieces of cremation jewellery I make. The detail is exquisite, and they catch the light beautifully.

Here’s why this option is so popular and how to find the perfect cremation charms for your Pandora bracelet.

Practical, Stylish, and Complementary

Charm beads are incredibly popular right now, and Pandora bracelets, in particular, are stylish accessories you can wear on almost any occasion. If you’ve been building up your collection of Pandora beads, you might choose to add a cremation charm to your bracelet.

Cremation beads can be bright, colourful, and completely discreet. No one needs to know their personal significance unless you tell them. You’ll also have the comfort of keeping your loved one or beloved pet close by, wherever you go.

Versatile Jewellery for Any Occasion

Another reason so many customers love cremation charm beads is their versatility. You can easily remove them from a bracelet and add them to a necklace, wearing them around your neck. You can swap them around depending on the occasion, making them extremely versatile jewellery pieces.

These beads come in a range of vibrant colours to suit your bracelet, outfit, or mood. Most companies can accommodate your colour preferences.

A Thoughtful Gift for Family Members

Since memorial charms are small, you only need less than a teaspoonful of ashes to make stunning, colourful beads that sparkle in the light. This makes it easy to create multiple beads to share among family members and close friends, creating a lasting treasure for daughters, granddaughters, nieces, and others.

TIP: While they don’t require much ash, remember that each piece is made individually. Ordering multiple beads can take longer, so plan accordingly.

Wear Multiple Cremation Charm Beads

A great benefit of cremation jewellery beads is that you can wear two or more on the same bracelet. This allows you to keep the memory of multiple loved ones or pets with you at once. Many clients find this a significant advantage and order multiple beads for themselves.

Where to Find Cremation Charms for Your Pandora Bracelet

There are various online cremation glass companies offering memorial charm beads. Your best bet is to search for “cremation charms Pandora” or “memorial beads Pandora” to ensure compatibility with your Pandora bracelet.

The average cost of cremation jewellery beads ranges from £50 to £150. Some companies may charge more, so it’s wise to ask about details. For instance, at Ash Glass Design, we do not use end caps. Instead, our beads are crafted from a single piece of metal and rounded off at both ends, ensuring durability without the use of glue.

TIP: Ensure you’re 100% confident in the company before ordering. Check out our blog post “What to Look for When Buying Cremation Jewellery” for guidance.


I hope you’ve found this blog helpful and that it provides some considerations when finding memorial jewellery beads for your Pandora bracelet. Remember, never order online unless you’re completely confident in the company and the product you’ll receive.

If you have any questions about cremation charm beads, please don’t hesitate to get in touch or leave a comment below. I’d love to help in any way I can!