Can You Have Memorial Glass Jewellery Made in Your Favourite Colours?

Can You Have Memorial Glass Jewellery Made in Your Favourite Colours?

Kenny Scott | May 20, 2016 | Pet Cremation Jewellery

Are you thinking about remembering a loved one with a special piece of cremation jewellery or art?

Memorial glass jewellery can be the perfect way to keep them close to you and remember all the good times you shared together – and even better, it’s available in many different colours.

However, a question I get asked a lot is whether you can choose your own specific colour – even if it’s not necessarily one that a company might display on their website.

Below, I’m going to explain why it may be possible to choose your favourite colour, as well as some practical advice when choosing a cremation jewellery company for your loved one’s ashes.

Finding the right colour

The best advice I can give you here is to thoroughly do your homework and research a few different memorial jewellery companies to see the kind of products on offer, before finding one or two options you really like.

Many companies will display their colours on their websites, so you can get a good idea of what’s available. However, if you do find one particular cremation ring or set of memorial cufflinks that you really love, and it’s not in your chosen colour, don’t despair – all might not be lost just yet!

Make an enquiry

It’s definitely worth contacting a company – preferably over the phone, but email can be just fine, too – and speaking to someone directly about the various colours they can offer. I always recommend this anyway, as there are a few other questions you should be asking before sending your loved one’s ashes off in the post.

You may be pleasantly surprised and find that some companies (not all) WILL go the extra mile to order in the specific colour you want. However, this may involve a bit of an extra wait if they don’t already have that particular colour in stock.

Saying that, deliveries can now be organised fairly swiftly now we’re in the age of the internet, so I wouldn’t imagine you’d have to wait a few more weeks for your special piece of jewellery.

How difficult is it to achieve?

Some of my customers do worry that getting their desired colour might be too tricky, and perhaps too much to ask – I tell them this is nonsense, and it’s always worth checking before placing an order as it’s easier than you might think.

One example of this recently was when a customer contacted me about having a glass pendant made in a gold, almost amber colour. She requested this particular colour because it reminded her of her loved one most of all.

It wasn’t actually difficult for me at all, as I already had a colour that was a good match. Obviously, with glass there will always be variations in the colour when its melted, as the technique is not yet computerised and instead relies on the visual and technical expertise of the person that’s making it.

Will it cost extra?

Again, this will depend on the company. I’m happy to do my utmost to match the exact colour a customer has their heart set on, completely free of charge – whereas others may add a small extra charge for doing this.

Again, this is a question you should almost certainly ask before making your final decision, as you may find just as good a product elsewhere – in your chosen colour – that is more within your budget.


When searching for memorial glass jewellery, getting the right colour can mean the world to some of my customers, so it’s always worth calling up and asking a company directly whether you can get the colour you desire. In most cases, this shouldn’t cost extra, and you may be surprised how many places will go the extra mile for you.

Just remember, experience definitely counts, as there will always be variations in the glass when it’s melted. You need visual and technique expertise when mixing the colours in order to get the desired result.

Are you looking for a specific colour that you haven’t been able to find yet? Let me know in the comments, as I might be able to help.