Can You Get Both of Your Pets’ Ashes in the Same Jewellery?

Can You Get Both of Your Pets’ Ashes in the Same Jewellery?

Kenny Scott | May 20, 2016 | Pet Cremation Jewellery

Do you have multiple pets you want to remember with a special piece of memorial jewellery?

Perhaps they spent years of friendship together in your company, or both had an equally special place in your heart. Whatever the reason, you’ll always love them and want to keep them close to you with a beautiful piece of jewellery that says you’ll never forget.

Having worked in glass design for over 23 years, I find one of the biggest questions I often get asked by clients is whether they can combine the ashes of two or more beloved pets’ ashes into one piece of cremation jewellery.

You or a loved one may be pleased to know that the answer is ‘yes’!

Below, I’m going to explain why you might consider doing this, and just how easy it actually is.

Why combine ashes into one jewellery piece?

Perhaps you don’t want to buy two, three, or five different pieces of jewellery for your pets’ ashes, as it not only affects your budget, but also means you might not be able to wear them both at once. Putting the ashes into just one ring or pendant means you’ll be able to have them both with you at the same time.

One of my clients was a lady who had two horses that she spent a lot of time with. She had kept the ashes of the first horse for a long time, but hadn’t really done anything with them. So, when the second horse died, and because they had been such good companions, she wanted to get something made to remember them.

Now, she has a silver glass ring in a beautiful teal colour, and every time she wears it she remembers the good times she spent with her horses.

How is it done?

Some memorial glass companies may differ slightly, but I personally allow my clients to either mix the ashes themselves at home before sending, or simply sending a teaspoonful of each to me so I can mix them together in my workshop – whatever makes them the most comfortable.

Don’t worry, though; most companies should send you an order pack with all the tools you need, plus detailed instructions showing you exactly what to do. Any ashes that are not used when making the products are usually sent back to you – however, this is something you should always check before sending ashes off.

TIP: Always do you research thoroughly to ensure you choose a reputable company that is happy to talk to you on the phone and answer any questions you may have before placing an order – and ensure you’re 100% confident before sending ashes in the post.

Alternative options

If you like the idea of keeping two or more pets close to you at once, but don’t want to combine their ashes into one ring or pendant, another option is to get two or more glass charm beads made. These fit on most charm bracelets, such as the popular Pandora bracelet.

Or, if jewellery isn’t exactly your thing, there’s the option to have your pets’ ashes mixed into a beautiful glass sculpture or memorial canvas. In fact, it’s so easy to mix ashes that you’ll find you’ll be able to do it with most of the memorial glass products you can find online. Just be sure to ask your chosen company how they do it.


By now you should have a good idea of just how easy it is to combine your pets’ ashes into one stunning piece of cremation jewellery. You may want to do this for budget reasons, or simply because you want to keep both of your pets close to you with just one special piece.

The trick is to choose a company that is not only reputable, helpful, and ready to answer your questions, but also makes you feel 100% confident that your pets’ ashes will be in safe hands.

I hope this blog has been helpful, and I wish you the best of luck!