Buying Memorial Glass: Will All of Your Loved One’s Ashes Be Returned?

Buying Memorial Glass: Will All of Your Loved One’s Ashes Be Returned?

Kenny Scott | Jun 13, 2016 | Cremation Glass Jewellery

Are you thinking of purchasing memorial glass jewellery or art to remember a lost loved one?

If so, I’m sorry for the reason that has brought you to this page. Cremation glass can be a wonderful way to celebrate the memory of a loved one, and investing in a beautiful piece of jewellery or fantastic cremation art can be your way of saying they’ll never be forgotten.

When people contact me about my own cremation glass products and service, they usually (quite rightly) have many questions, and one of the biggest I hear time and time again is: “Will I get back any ashes you don’t use?”

This is such an important question for any memorial jewellery company to answer, which is why I wanted to address this issue head-on, and make it absolutely clear what will – or most definitely should (in most cases) – happen to your loved one’s ashes after placing an order for memorial glass.

What happens to unused ashes?

Firstly, I think it’s important to clarify that only a tiny amount of ashes is needed to create most cremation glass products; from beautiful pendants and sparkling rings, to stunning cufflinks and gorgeous art canvases.

Therefore, most companies will specify for you to send just one teaspoonful of ashes per product ordered. In most cases, this is more than enough, and there usually will be some ashes left over – unless anything goes wrong in the production of your cremation glass (it’s very rare for this to happen with experienced glassmakers).

This next bit is so very important, I really cannot stress this enough: always check with a company what will happen to any leftover ashes before making an order. You’ll find most reputable companies WILL send any unused ashes back to you, along with the finished product – but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Never send more than you need

The best advice I can give you – along with checking with the company before placing an order – is to never send more than a teaspoonful of your loved one’s ashes – unless, of course, you’re ordering multiple pieces of jewellery or art. So, in the case of ordering four or five pendants or charms for friends and family.

You should never feel like you need to send more than this, and if a company does ask for more, I’d definitely query why they would need so much.

Speak to the company directly

I recommend picking up the phone and speaking to your chosen cremation glass company directly, as this is usually a big help when setting my clients’ minds at ease. It’s also a great chance to ask all the questions you need to feel 100% confident before sending something so personal and important away in the post.

Whenever I speak to a customer, I usually go through the process involved with them and let them know that everything they need is included in their order pack, so they know exactly what to expect when it arrives, and which shipping method I use.

One lady called me a while ago who planned to scatter her mother’s ashes while she was abroad. She wanted a pendant made, but was concerned that any remaining ashes had be scattered together, with absolutely nothing missing. I was able to guarantee her that she would receive everything back, along with her finished pendant.

Not all companies work this way, but seeing as I take great care in handling each order individually, I feel this is a guarantee I can offer my clients – along with providing a certificate of authenticity with each order. This is why no ashes can suddenly go missing, and any ashes I don’t use are always returned.


I hope this blog post has helped shed some light on what should happen to any unused ashes when you order memorial glass art or jewellery. Just be sure that you don’t send more than you need, and always check with your chosen company before committing to buy.

I’d recommend picking up the phone (if possible) so you can ask all the right questions you need to come away from the process feeling 100% confident that you’ve chosen the best service and quality product to celebrate that someone special who touched your life in such an unforgettable way.