Considering Memorial Glass Jewellery? Addressing Common Concerns

Considering Memorial Glass Jewellery? Addressing Common Concerns

Kenny Scott | Jun 27, 2024 | Uncategorized, Cremation Glass Jewellery, Cremation Pendants

Considering Memorial Glass Jewellery? Addressing Common Concerns

Are you thinking about memorial glass jewellery to honour a loved one?

While cremation glass jewellery isn’t for everyone, it can bring immense comfort to those who have lost someone special. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to own such a meaningful piece.

When talking to customers, they often express concerns such as:

  • Will their loved one’s ashes be safe?
  • Who will be handling the ashes?
  • What if something goes wrong?

Below are three common fears people have about buying cremation glass jewellery. Fortunately, these fears can often be alleviated with some advice from an experienced glassmaker.

1. Not Knowing Who You’re Buying From

This is probably the biggest fear—fear of the unknown. People worry about who will handle their loved one’s ashes and whether they are qualified. This concern is especially common when ordering from a larger company that doesn’t specify who will work on the jewellery.

The Solution

Thoroughly research your chosen company, and if possible, call to speak to them. This can greatly ease your mind. A reputable company should tell you who will work on your memorial glass jewellery and provide details about their experience and background. Speaking directly to the artist is even better.

2. Knowing the Process is Irreversible

Once memorial jewellery is made, there’s no turning back; your loved one’s ashes will be forever encapsulated in glass. This permanence can make the decision daunting, sometimes taking years to make.

The Solution

Take your time deciding on the right memorial jewellery product for you, whether it be a ring, necklace, charm bead, or cufflinks. Choose a style and colour you’ll treasure forever. If unsure about an engraving, you can always add it later once you’ve finalised the message.

3. Sending Ashes in the Post

Ordering cremation glass jewellery often involves sending ashes by post, which can be stressful, especially if the company isn’t local. The thought of waiting weeks for the jewellery to return can be daunting.

The Solution

If you must send ashes, use signed-for post or a courier that tracks the package, so you know when it arrives safely. Some smaller companies will even call to confirm receipt. If you’re local or willing to travel, you might be able to deliver the ashes in person, offering peace of mind.

Only make your order when you’re emotionally ready. Everyone copes with grief differently, so if parting with a small amount of ashes is too painful, give it time.


I hope this blog post has been helpful in considering cremation jewellery to celebrate the memory of a loved one. Memorial glass jewellery can bring significant comfort, even on the toughest days, and I wanted to address some of the biggest concerns.

Do you have any questions I haven’t answered about memorial glass jewellery? Please leave a comment or get in touch with me directly. I’m always here to help—and to listen.