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How Much Does a Memorial Glass Sculpture Cost, and What Can Affect Price?

Are you wondering exactly how much a memorial glass sculpture costs?

While some people prefer to scatter the ashes of a loved one in a special place, or keep them safe in a decorative urn, others draw comfort from the idea of having those ashes encapsulated forever in memorial glass.

If your loved one was an art lover, there’s even the possibility of transforming their ashes into beautiful glass art sculptures that brighten up any room. In fact, they’re often perfect for displaying on a window, so you can admire the way they sparkle in the light.

But how much does something like that actually cost?

Well, having worked in glass design for over 20 years, this is a subject close to my own heart.

Below, I’m going to tell you how much you should expect to pay for a memorial glass sculpture, and what can affect the final price you pay.

Memorial glass sculpture costs explained

This is a bit of a trickier one, as I’m not really aware of many companies who offer the same type or scale of glass sculpture as I do. The ones that do seem to be a bit more expensive, but they really do come in all shapes and sizes. The creation process will vary greatly, too.

I’d say the average amount you can expect to spend on a memorial glass art sculpture is £175 – £500. However, this will depend on the company/artist, and the type of sculpture you’re looking for.

Although the cost may be an important part of your decision, there really is a lot of unique art glass out there – from larger sculptures to smaller paperweight styles. That’s why I’d recommend having a good look around to find something you absolutely love.

And if you can get it from an experienced company that makes you feel confident and reassured that your loved ones’ ashes are in good hands, you’re definitely onto a winner.

What other factors can affect price?

There are a few factors that may result in you paying a bit more or a bit less for your memorial art sculpture. Cost usually depends on:

  • The artist or company you choose to buy from
  • The quality of the glass and the creation process used
  • The overall size of the sculpture you need

You may also choose to have your memorial glass sculpture engraved with your own message. For example, if it comes with a wooden base, you could get a silver plate added with an engraving of your choice.

Some companies or artists will happily add an engraving to your sculpture for a small extra charge (ours is £15). Alternatively, you could take it to an engraver.

And finally, you may also want to consider packaging and shipping. Because glass art sculptures can be quite heavy, shipping may cost you more for larger pieces. You’ll also want to know it will be sent tracked via courier or Royal Mail Signed For post.

The above factors will no doubt affect the final price you pay, so bear that in mind – especially if you are paying for long distance postage.

Things to consider before buying your memorial glass sculpture

Although it only takes a small amount of ashes to make a beautiful memorial glass art sculpture, you’ll still be concerned about sending them away in the post. That’s why I always recommend calling up and speaking to a company first.

Here are 8 questions to ask a cremation glass company BEFORE you buy, so you’re not left disappointed. And remember, just because a company charges more than another, does NOT necessarily mean you’re going to get a better quality product at the end of the day.

If you can, try to find a company or artist that will speak to you on the phone, and reassure you that your loved ones’ ashes will be in good hands.


I’m sorry for the reason that has brought you to this blog post, but I hope I’ve managed to help shed some light on how much a memorial glass art sculpture costs. Remember, it will vary from company to company – or artist to artist.

If there’s anything you’d like to ask me about, feel free to leave a comment below. I promise reply as soon as I can!

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Why a Memorial Glass Barrel Necklace is the Perfect Contemporary Choice

Are you looking for a contemporary style memorial glass necklace to remember a loved one?

There are so many wonderful options out there when it comes to the difficult decision of what to do with your loved ones’ ashes. Some choose earrings, some choose memorial glass rings, and some prefer to keep their loved one close to their heart on a necklace.

The good thing about memorial glass necklaces is that they come in all shapes and sizes. I’ve recently introduced a memorial glass barrel necklace as a more contemporary choice, just to give another unisex option for my customers.

Below, I’m going to talk you through my unique creation process for crafting a unisex barrel-style necklace, and why it might be a good option for you.

Why choose a memorial glass barrel necklace?

A barrel-style memorial glass design is quite a unique and contemporary jewellery piece, and I’m not even sure other online shops are selling one exactly the same as my own. I wanted to give people more choice of how to wear their memorial glass around their neck.

The barrel necklace design is quite versatile; you can either wear it around your neck on a lovely section of urban leather, or you can choose to wear it on a Pandora chain, so it’s more like a pendant.

In fact, one of my customers was looking for a piece of memorial jewellery recently, but almost didn’t buy anything as it all looked too feminine. However, he loved the design of the barrel necklace, and thought it would really suit him. Black tends to our most popular option.

The creation process

I’m sure every company that creates memorial glass pendants uses slightly different techniques. Despite that, I thought it would be helpful to talk you through my own creation process. Just to give you a better idea of what’s involved:

Step 1:

Firstly, you decide on the colour of barrel necklace you would prefer. Options can be found either online or in your order pack – however some companies (including myself) will be able to offer a custom colour of your choosing.

Step 2:

Next, I heat up the coloured glass to around 1500 – 1400 degrees, so it becomes almost like a sort of honey texture.

Step 3:

Then it’s time to capture the ashes within the glass, using heat and a combination of coloured and clear glass to seal it all in nicely.

I wish I could take some credit for what happens next, but if I’m honest, the ashes from their own unique pattern in the glass. This is caused by a mixture of gases and air. Because of the different patterns formed, each piece is completely unique!

Step 4:

Once I’m happy with the way the ashes have taken to the glass, I use a slab of carbon to start rolling it out into the shape I want. This all takes experienced hands, as you have to really do it by eye.

Afterwards, the barrel necklace sits in a kiln for around 24 hours, until it cools right back to room temperature. Then it’s ready for the next step!

Step 5:

Almost there. Next, I use diamond wheels to grind and polish the sides, so they can be set in silver 925. This is it can be worn nicely with a leather strap or Pandora chain.

Step 6:

The finishing touch! I add a good quality section of urban leather, and then it’s ready to be sent out to you. This is the part where I get in touch to let you know it’s ready, along with your final invoice. Your special barrel necklace is then sent out via recorded post.

How long does it take?

Memorial glass necklaces can typically take some of the larger companies up to 6 – 8 weeks to produce. This is most likely due to how many orders they have to process.

Despite this, there are some smaller cremation glass companies out there who can produce memorial glass quicker. It can also add an extra personal touch to the process.

Having been in this business for over 20 years, I know how important it is to have peace of mind. That’s why I like to get ashes back to my customers as soon as possible. My turnaround time at the moment is under two weeks, and I keep them updated throughout.

How much does it cost?

A contemporary-style memorial glass necklace like my barrel design should cost you around £100, but the price will vary from company to company.

The best advice I can give you is to shop around carefully and find an experienced company that suits you budget but also reassures you that your loved ones’ ashes will be in safe hands.

TIP: To help you out, here are 8 questions to ask a cremation glass company BEFORE ordering. It’s always better to be on the safe side with such a sensitive purchase.


I’m sorry for your loss, but I hope this blog has helped give you a better idea of the creation process for contemporary style memorial glass necklaces, like my new barrel necklace. It’s a great unisex design that is certainly a bit different from the norm!

If you have any questions, or need advice on finding the right style for you, please leave a comment below. I promise to answer!

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How Much Does a Memorial Glass Pendant Cost, and What Can Affect Price?

Are you wondering exactly how much a memorial glass pendant costs?

I’m sorry for the reason that has brought you to this page; I know how difficult it can be to lose a loved one. However, they do live on in our memories and in our hearts.

Having worked in glass design for over 20 years, I’ve found memorial glass pendants are an increasingly popular way to keep your loved ones closest to your heart.

These beautiful pieces of jewellery sparkle when they catch the light and bring comfort on even the darkest days.

But how much can you expect to pay for a cremation glass pendant? Good question.

By the end of this blog post, you should have a better idea of exactly how much a memorial glass pendant costs, and the factors that can affect price.

Memorial glass pendant costs explained

On average, handcrafted memorial glass pendants can set you back anything between £100 – £450 – or maybe more, depending on the type of materials used (gold, white gold or silver)

I personally offer two types of memorial glass pendant:

However, a quick search of the internet will come up with many different styles, shapes and sizes. I’d say it’s definitely worth taking a look around to ensure you find something to suit your taste and budget.

TIP: You can read more about the creation process that goes into my memorial glass pendants elsewhere on my blog – other companies may differ, though.

What other factors can affect price?

There are many other factors that can affect the overall price you pay for your memorial glass pendant. This includes the company you choose, and the type and quality of the metal they use.

TIP: Always check your cremation jewellery will be hallmarked before purchasing – and if you’re buying gold, check the carat. Here is a list of some of the other questions you should be asking.

There’s also the quality of the glass, and the process and materials used to produce it.

Another factor that can affect price is whether or not you’d like to have your special memorial glass pendant engraved with your own message. Companies may include a small charge for this (ours is £15), or you may have to take it to an engraver.

Finally, you’ve also got to think about packaging and shipping. Will your memorial pendant be shipped in a special presentation box, complete with certificate of authenticity? And will it be sent via courier or Royal Mail Special Delivery or Signed For post?

All of the above can significantly affect the end price you pay online, which is why you’ve probably noticed how variable prices can be.

Things to consider before buying your memorial glass pendant

Apart from all of the advice above, I always recommend not sending away your loved ones’ ashes in the post until you are 100% confident and happy with the company you’ve chosen. If you don’t have that confidence, you will worry – especially as some companies can take weeks!

I’d also advise you that just because one company is very pricey, does NOT necessarily mean you’re going to get a higher quality pendant at the end of the day. If possible, aim to hit the right balance between cost, quality and professionalism.

TIP: Some companies will ask you to pay for your memorial glass pendant up front, rather than just asking for a deposit.


I hope you’ve found this blog helpful when trying to work out how much a memorial glass pendant costs. It can be a bit confusing with so many different prices out there!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below. I promise to get back to you with an answer!