15 Questions to Ask Before Buying Cremation Jewellery for Pets

15 Questions to Ask Before Buying Cremation Jewellery for Pets

Kenny Scott | May 20, 2016 | Pet Cremation Jewellery

Have you recently lost a beloved pet and are looking to get something made from their ashes?

Cremation jewellery can be a beautiful way to celebrate their memory and keep them close to you for years to come. However, many people who come to me have many questions about the process involved, which can lead to stress and anxiety.

When it comes to buying cremation jewellery for pets, finding the right company that is able to alleviate your concerns is just as important as being happy with the final product.

In this blog post, I’m going to list 15 of the most important questions you should be asking when choosing a cremation jewellery company for your pet’s ashes.

1. How long will your order take?

Most companies usually say to allow between 6 – 8 weeks when placing an order, although it’s always worth asking, as you may find you can get the final product much quicker. Read more in my blog post ‘How Long Does it Take to Make Pet Memorial Jewellery?’.

2. Is everything included in your order pack?

An order pack should contain detailed instructions and all the tools you need to complete your order. Ensure your chosen company will send you this, and can answer any other questions if you need more help.

3. Will your pet’s ashes be in good hands?

This question is more for your peace of mind than anything else. Check they will keep your pet’s ashes are secure and under lock and key, so that there’s no chance of them getting lost or mixed up in the process.

4. Which shipping method does the company use?

Again, the shipping a company uses is very important for your peace of mind. Ensure the company you choose uses a courier or tracked shipping service, so that there’s no chance of your special piece of memorial jewellery or art getting lost in the post!

5. How much will it cost and is it within your budget?

Unfortunately, I know that cost can be a major factor in your decision – but it’s also worthwhile to bear in mind that cost isn’t always reflective of quality. Read more in my blog ‘How Much Does Cremation jewellery for Ashes Cost?’.

6. How much experience does the glassmaker/company have?

You’ll want to know your pet’s ashes are in good hands, especially as the glassmaking process can be extremely delicate. Ask if you can speak to the person who will be making your jewellery or at least find out their level of experience.

7. Will the jewellery be hallmarked?

It’s important to know the quality of the silver or precious metal the company will be using, and whether or not your finish product will be hallmarked – so it’s always worth checking first!

8. Will your jewellery be well-presented?

Your cremation jewellery should hopefully come in a presentation box and wrapped up well so that it survives shipping. Preferably, your presentation box should be hardy enough to keep your jewellery in for years to come.

9. Will you receive a certificate of authenticity?

I find this is important for many of my clients, as this essentially gives you the reassurance that only your pet’s ashes are contained in your memorial jewellery. It should be signed, dated and stamped.

10. Which materials will they use?

Ensure that your jewellery will be made from a clear, high quality coloured glass. Also, it’s worth asking which kind of metal they will use for your jewellery – whether that be hallmarked sterling silver, gold or white gold. In most cases, you should get a choice.

11. Will the final product be high quality?

Ask if all of the company’s products go through quality control, and ensure you have a good idea from photos on their website of exactly what to expect from your final piece of jewellery. The quality should be represented in clear, professional photographs.

12. Can you request the colour you want?

Most companies will display a choice of colours on their website, however if there’s a colour you particularly want that isn’t shown, it might still be possible to request the colour of your choice.

Not all companies will be able to accommodate your preferences, but most should be able to so it’s definitely worth asking – even if it means waiting longer to get that particular colour in stock.

13. Can you mix multiple pets’ ashes together?

This is a popular option if you want one special piece of jewellery to remember multiple pets at once, and it’s fairly easy to do. Always check with a company how they do this – it may involve mixing the ashes yourself at home, or sending away two or more separate samples to be mixed in their workshop.

14. How do you request an order pack?

You should be able to request an order pack either on the phone or by filling out your details via a form on the company’s website, but if you’re unsure, always check first. Most companies will be able to send an order pack that has all the information you need – I find this goes a long way to making my clients feel reassured.

15. When do you have to pay?

Finally, always check when a company will expect payment for your cremation jewellery. Personally, I wait until the order is complete and send my clients photos of the finished product before they receive an invoice, but some of the larger companies may ask for payment upfront.


I hope you’ve found this article useful, and hopefully by now you should be getting a good feel for some of the questions you should be asking before purchasing cremation jewellery for your pet. Talking to someone on the phone can be a great way to get some of these questions answered and set your mind at ease.

Remember, always ensure you choose a reputable company that you feel 100% confident with before sending away ashes in the post, so you won’t have to worry about whether your pet’s ashes are in safe hands!

I wish you the best of luck.