11 Things You Can Do With Loved Ones’ Ashes

11 Things You Can Do With Loved Ones’ Ashes

Kenny Scott | May 20, 2016 | Ashes made into glass

Saying goodbye to a loved one is incredibly difficult, and what you do with their ashes once they are gone is a very personal choice.

Some like to keep hold of them for deeply sentimental reasons, whilst others try to do what they think their loved one would have wanted.

For instance, there’s the lovely story of widow Beverley Scott, whose husband Gordon had always loved to travel.

She carefully packaged Gordon’s remains into a glass bottle along with $2 and a note asking that whoever found them ‘call and tell her where he is’. Gordon is probably still travelling, today.

Nowadays, there are so many options when deciding what to do with a loved ones’ ashes; some weird and wacky, some incredibly sentimental.

I’ve put together a list of my top 11, below:

1. Scattered somewhere special

This is the most common choice, and what usually springs to mind when I think of ashes. It can be particularly poignant if there was a special place you shared with your loved one, and scattering their ashes there can make all the sense in the world.

It’s not entirely legal in some areas of the UK, however, so it’s best to check with your local authority first (or just don’t get spotted!).

2. Buried

Burial is another popular choice, and burial sites for cremated remains are significantly cheaper than traditional sites – because they take up far less room. Another option is to bury the ashes at home – it’s entirely legal and there’s no extra cost.

3. Planted with a tree

Now, this is a wonderful idea. You can often draw some comfort from watching the tiny sapling grow and become strong – one day, it may develop into a glorious great oak, cherry or willow tree.

I personally see this as the perfect tribute to nature lovers – sort of like giving something back to the planet.

4. Set off in fireworks

If they wanted to go out with a bit of a bang, fireworks are one of the more wackier ideas on this list. Firework shells can be modified to hold the remains of your loved one, and then used to put on a beautiful, show-stopping display for all to enjoy.

5. Memorial jewellery

If you want to hold on to your loved one’s ashes, memorial jewellery can be a beautiful way of doing this. The ashes can be fired into glass which produces the most beautiful results, which can then be held in a pendant, ring or cufflinks.

This method is surprisingly affordable, and it can be such a comfort for my customers to feel like their loved one is there with them, when they need it most.

6. A beautiful sculpture or artwork

In the same way as jewellery, memorial art has come on in leaps and bounds recently. If you or your loved one was an art lover, you can have their ashes made into a beautiful glass sculpture or memorial canvas which reflects their personality.

Every time you look at the vibrant colours, you can be reminded of wonderful memories you shared together.

7. A vinyl record

If your loved one was a music lover, perhaps they’d have liked their ashes pressed into a vinyl record – or even a whole set?

You can pick the artist and music, or even have a special recording of your own (if you have one) that can be played again and again on that special vintage vinyl sound.

8. Launched into space

If your loved one was a sci-fi fan, or had ever expressed a desire for space travel, this could be the perfect send-off!

Bear in mind, these packages are incredibly expensive – and can range from a quick trip to space and back down to Earth again, all the way to being launched into the deepest depths of space!

9. A coral reef

If your loved one was particularly fond of the sea, you can now have their remains inserted into cement mix to help rebuild coral reefs – a very important aspect of sea life.

The cement is poured and then placed into the sea, as a space for new coral to grow and evolve. I think it’s a lovely idea, and also helps to protect the marine environment.

10. Tattoo ink

It’s true that tattoos aren’t for everyone, but neither are half the other things on this list! Apparently there is a way to get a portion of your loved one’s ashes mixed in with tattoo ink before it is forever engraved on your body.

There aren’t any health concerns that I’m aware of, but you’d probably be better off checking with your chosen tattoo artist first!

11. Made into a diamond

Diamonds are forever, after all. You can now have your loved one’s ashes turned into an actual, sparkling, certified diamond.

Albeit also a bit pricey, there are a few companies that offer this now, and you can pick from different colours, cuts and carat sizes.


It’s never easy to say your goodbyes, but you may find some comfort in many of the weird and wonderful ways you can now pay tribute to your loved ones.

You can have their ashes planted into a tree, made into beautiful glass jewellery or sculptures, set off in fireworks, launched into space or tattooed onto your body. And that’s only a few of the 11 options above!

What will you do with your loved one’s ashes?

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