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A unique piece that will be treasured forever


A glass sculpture is a beautiful way to honour the loved one.


Beautiful pieces, hand crafted for you to love forever

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Available in a range of modern and classic styles, our elegant memorial glass rings are designed to brilliantly encapsulate your loved one’s ashes. Set in your choice of genuine hallmarked silver, 9ct. gold or white gold, each ring is individually crafted with love and care using our traditional techniques. Your ring is designed to stand the test of time, so you can have it to wear always.

A memorial glass ring can feel almost as if your loved one
is there holding your hand, so as you look at your hand,
you’ll be reminded of all those memories.

‘I wear it every day...
It gives me great comfort to look at it’


  • When A Robin is Near 2 Canvas Art

  • When A Robin is Near 1 Canvas Art

  • Thistle Canvas Art

  • Lovebirds Canvas Art

  • Cat Canvas Art

  • When A Robin is Near Sculpture

  • Thistle Sun Catcher

  • Lovebirds Sun Catcher

  • Pet Sun Catcher

  • When A Robin is Near 2 Sun Catcher

  • When A Robin is Near Sun Catcher

  • Yellow Trumpets Garden Art

  • When A Robin is Near 2 Garden Art

  • When A Robin is Near Garden Art

  • Pet Garden Art

  • Wild Flowers Tea Lights

  • When A Robin is Near 2 Tea Lights

  • When A Robin is Near 1 Tea Lights

  • Thistle Tea Lights

  • Poppies Tea Lights

  • Pet Tea Lights

  • Lovebirds Tea Lights

  • Cat Tea Lights

  • Robin Pendant

  • Cat Pendant

  • Waves Pendant

  • Galaxy Pendant

  • Soul Ring

  • Ettrick Ring

  • Faith Ring

  • Elegance Ring

  • Waves Ring



Kenny lives with his family in the picturesque Scottish Borders village of Clovenfords. Ash Glass Design captures Kenny’s love of the artistic, glass and design fields showing his enviable eye for design and detail.


There are so many wonderful ways to honour your loved one’s memory, including strikingly beautiful art pieces and jewellery that means you can keep your loved one close to you no matter where you go.

Ashes set in glass enables you to have your loved one with you and remembered through the times of sadness, healing and beyond a lasting memory to hold dear.

At Ash Glass Design we offer a range of handcrafted glass art designs incorporating the ashes of your loved one in your chosen, personalised colour.

This is done with the utmost respect and results in an artistic and elegant item that can be treasured forever. Your loved ones ashes will be treated with the same respect and care that we would have for a loved one of our own.

‘I look forward to creating a unique piece for you that will be treasured forever’

We have hundreds of 5 Star Reviews